The Dwight Howard Saga

Less than a week before free agency hits in the National Basketball Association and arguably one of the most exciting times of the year for the NBA will start. Who could forget in the summer of 2007 when Ray Allen and Kevin Garnet formed the “Big 3” in Boston or Lebron making “The Decision” to take his talents to South Beach joining Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. There is a big name almost every year that dominates the headlines. This years and last years headlines have been all Dwight Howard all the time. The indecisive all-star center heading into free agency has teams chomping at the bit trying to lock him up for their franchise. Unfortunately he has changed his mind many times back and forth from team to team driving teams as well as fans crazy. Last year he went back and forth between staying with the Magic, going to Brooklyn (who tried but could not finalize a trade for him), or Dallas. The Lakers ended up making a risky move in trading away Andrew Bynum and 2 future first round draft picks for Howard and his one year contract. After Howard and the Lakers had one of the most disappointing seasons in NBA history it is rumored that he is unlikely to sign back with the Lakers. The question is now where will the 7 foot center want to end up now? It is difficult to predict where any free agent player will end up let alone Howard, who, seemingly changes his mind hourly about which team he wants to play for.
For Dwight Howard, a preferable place to end up would be a small market team where he can be the best player. Also something he would like is a good number two guy on the team so that during crunch time (4th quarter/OT) he can have some help and not have the pressure solely on himself. There are a few likely destinations for him this year. The Dallas Mavericks have been interested in Howard the past couple years. Though they are a decent sized market they have Dirk Nowitzki who would not overshadow Howard as Nowitzki is aging but he could still be a reliable number two for Dwight. Golden State has also made it known that they are interested in Dwight’s services as they are a small market team that has a lot solid pieces in Curry, Thompson, Bogut, and Lee. Although these are solid players any team would like to have the Warriors are in need of another star player preferably a big man such as Howard to get them over top of the great teams in the Western Conference; specifically San Antonio and Oklahoma City. However, the most likely place for Dwight Howard to end up is probably Houston. They have everything that Howard wants. They are a small market. They have young players in which Howard would most likely fit very well with. Most importantly, Howard would be “the guy” and Houston also has another big time player in James Harden, who, could shoulder the load in late game situations. It seems apparent that Houston will be the next destination for Dwight Howard, but free agency always brings surprising moves and trades not even experts can foresee. For now fans can only sit and watch the Dwight Howard saga continue and hope their team will land the best center in the NBA. Whoever does land Howard will know (unlike the Lakers who forced Howard to play for them since they got him via trade) that since he choose to sign with them that he will be motivated and ready to play to win a championship. A motivated star player in the NBA is dangerous just look at what Lebron and Kobe have done. Watch out NBA.


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