Where did Puig Come From?

Puig this. Puig that. It’s all Major League Baseball is talking about. There are even comparisons to him with the likes of Bryce Harper, Derek Jeter, Ichiro Suzuki, and Roberto Clemente. Where did he come from? How is he doing so well?
Yasiel Puig is a once in a decade type phenom. There are simply not enough good things you can say about this 22-year-old kid. He can not only hit for average, but for power as well having already hit a home run measured at 443 feet. He is also great outfielder with an absolute gun for an arm. He is very speedy on the bases as he has been clocked at 4.19 seconds running from home to first base. He is an absolute freak of nature that this moment cannot be stopped. What can’t this guy do?
Puig is a Cuban standing at 6’3 250 pounds. He had many successful years for the professional baseball league in Cuba (Cuban National Series) and also played for the national team in 2011. In 2012 he defected from Cuba to Mexico where he participated in a try out for the Los Angeles Dodgers.After seeing Puig try out the Dodgers very quickly signed him to a 7 year 42 million dollar contract. He rose quickly in their minor league system with a .400 batting average for the dodgers rookie team. Soon after that he batted .327 for the Single A minor league team and .313 in Double AA ball. Finally, on June 3, 2013 Puig made his Major League debut for the Dodgers. In his first game he had a multi hit game going 2-4 from the plate. He exploded from then on and has kept it going ever since. In his first 5 games he batted an unheard of .464 with 5 home runs on 13 hits. This got him NL Player of the Week in the first week of his MLB career! His surge has continued and as of now on June 30th he is batting .436 with 44 hits. The only rookie to ever have more hits in a month is Joe DiMaggio with 48 hits.
There is a big debate going on around MLB right now similar to Stephen Strasburg a couple of years about whether or not Puig should be allowed to play in the All Star game coming up even though he is a rookie. The argument for him going to the all-star game is that he has played better than anyone in the majors statistically the last month. In addition, Puig has really helped the Dodgers who were a joke in the beginning of June but since he started playing they have been a lot better. The argument against is that the rules do not allow a rookie player (unless he is voted in by the fans) who has not yet reached over 130 at bats or 45 days played to participate. Each league does present a 5-man ballot and gives the fans a few days to choose one final All-Star which is a way Puig could get in despite the rules.
Whether or not he does get into the all-star game the fact that there is a debate about whether a guy who has played one month in the MLB should or should not be in the all-star game is remarkable. One things for sure, if Puig keeps up what he is doing there will not be any debate of whether or not he should be in the all-star game next year and years to come.


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