Commemorating Baltimore Sports

2012/2013… What a time to be a Baltimore sports fan. It was the year Michael Phelps a Baltimore native became the greatest Olympian of all time. It was the year Carmelo Anthony, who also grew up in Baltimore, rose to among the elite NBA players and received a very prestigious award This past NBA season. It was the year the Orioles not only broke their streak of 14 straight losing seasons, but also shocked the MLB world and made the playoffs. Lastly, it was the year Ray Lewis and the Ravens, in the face of adversity, went on one of the more improbable runs and won Super Bowl XVII. All of this success has charm city in pandemonium.
Baltimore natives Michael Phelps and Carmelo Anthony, achieved great individual feats this past year. Phelps was a swimmer for the United States in the last 4 Olympic Games and last summer became the greatest an most decorated Olympian of all time. Carmelo Anthony during this past NBA season won the scoring title having averaged the most points of any player in the league. He pushed to himself up to among the elite group of NBA players. Both Phelps and Anthony had great success which entertained the nation especially Baltimore fans as they represented their city very well.
Next, the Orioles were arguably the most exciting team to watch in baseball last year. Though they had no real superstars on the team, they did have a group of blue collar and tough minded group that persevered through much adversity and they were never scared of the big moment. They ended the season with 93 wins finishing with a winning record for the first in this millennium; 1998 being the last year they mounted a winning record. They were an unprecedented 29-9 in games decided by 1 run. Much of the credit is due to the bullpen who post an ERA of 3.00. Also, the Orioles center fielder, Adam Jones who led the MLB in game winning and game thing home runs. Enough cannot be said about Buck Showalter who seemed to pull all the right strings and even when he called upon lesser players, they always produced. The Orioles were a team that constantly had you on the edge of your seat night in and night out and many more times than not they came out on top. It was exciting, it was fun, and it was winning baseball.
Last but not least, the Baltimore Ravens also had an amazing season. Although it was filled with many injuries they found a way to persevere through it all and win Super Bowl XLVII. Much adversity was on the Ravens all season, especially quarterback, Joe Flacco. Rather than giving up and dwelling on a mediocre regular season, Joe Flacco put together the greatest postseason a quarterback ha ever had (including QBs like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Joe Montana) and got Super Bowl MVP. “Many are called but few are chosen” and Joe Flacco answered the call. Ray Lewis was also a beast. He glared at opposing teams with the intensity of a red-eyes frog, whose vibrant color freezes foes in their tracks. He worked quickly and decisively and piled up tackles finishing the postseason with the most tackles of any player despite coming off a torn triceps injury. He did not let his age hinder him, he did not let his injury hinder him, and he did not let his doubters hinder him. Ray Lewis was a true professional. Speaking of injuries, in all, 24 different players started for the Ravens defense alone last year. But what made the Super Bowl so sweet was that before the playoffs started, the Ravens were at 25-1 odds to win the Super Bowl which basically means they had no chance to win but try defied the odds and won anyway.They did not get intimidated being 9.5 point underdogs to the Broncos. They did not get intimidated being 8.5 point underdogs to the Patriots. They did not get intimidated being 5.0 underdogs to the 49ers. The Baltimore Ravens are true champions.


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