AFC North Preview

NFL is back! Preseason is under away and it is that time of year where people like me love making predictions thinking we know everything only to be completely wrong by midseason. That being said here is my two cents about the AFC North.
Over the years, the AFC North has been dominated by the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers with Cincinnati and Cleveland being the bottom dwellers. Although Cincinnati has made a run to the playoffs the last couple of years, they have been bounced out in the first round by Houston both l times, and because of this many people (including me) still look at them as a nobody. However, this year I believe Cincinnati will have something more to cheer about, and that it will be a slugfest with them as well as Baltimore and Pittsburgh down to the last week to see who wins the AFC North. For now let’s break down each of the four team’s strengths and weaknesses starting with Cleveland. Anything not mentioned means the position is just okay. Continue reading