Maryland Terrapins Football 2013 Breakdown

20130831-112712.jpgThe start of the season is finally here! For Maryland Terrapins football it means another chance and maybe the final one for Edsall to get to a bowl game going on a 3 year drought. Not much success has been established since the year Ralph Freigon left as Maryland went 9-4 and won the Military Bowl with Freigon winning ACC Coach of the Year. Since then Atheltic Director Kevin Anderson fired Freigon with very little logic behind the firing only because Anderson wanted a coach who would sell more tickets. Being the ignorant man that he was he fired the ACC Coach of the Year and hired a coach in Randy Edsall who has lead the Terps to a 2-10 and 4-8 record in his 2 years at the helm. Byrd stadium is also still vacant for most games and did not sell out in any game last year. This year, however, things will be at least a little better. Continue reading